2 Days ‘Til “Once Upon a Time”

Religion in a Multiverse

So, in Storybrooke, there are a bunch of nuns, who used to be fairies, in a fairy tale world that was polytheistic. In season 2 the nuns will have their memories of the fairy tale world and the memories of their old belief system back. Christianity, being a monotheistic “burn the witches” type of deal, doesn’t seem like it would gel very well with people from a magical world. The fairy-nuns, I assume, will promptly defrock themselves.

What about characters like the mad hatter? Technically, his god is Lewis Carroll and Lewis Carroll has been dead for quite a while. I imagine it would be devastating to find out that all the  pain and suffering in your life was because a mere mortal thought it would make an interesting story, and, what’s more, this creator is dead so you can’t make them answer for it.

In the world of Once Upon a Time does every story written become a real world? Does this include internet fanfiction? What if a person wrote a story about themselves? Rumpelstiltskin could write 100 different versions of himself to create a clone army. Regina could write a story of a world where it was impossible to be defeated.

Oh, crud, this thing is going to turn out to be one of the ages of Myst, isn’t it?