6 Days ‘Til “Once Upon a Time”

Who Is Doctor Whale and Why Do I Care?

So, we’ve learned the fairy tale counterparts of most of the prominent  Storybrooke characters, except for Doctor Whale.

One would think that, since his last name is “Whale”, that his fairy tale counterpart would be the whale, Monstro, that swallowed Pinocchio, but that seems too easy.

But, maybe, the writers know that we know it’s too easy, so they’d use Monstro anyway, knowing that it’d be unexpected, because it’s so expected. OW.

It’s interesting the main doctor of Storybrooke isn’t Doc’s counterpart, but we’ve seen that the fairy tale characters and their Storybrooke counterparts aren’t always alike. This also means that Doctor Whale’s fairy tale counterpart most likely has nothing to do with doctoring.

Most of the time the Storybrooke versions of the characters have names that are puns on their fairy tale counterparts. Rubies are red and Ruby is Red Riding Hood’s counterpart.

So, what do we know about the word “whale”, other than it is an aquatic mammal? Well, the word “whale” can also refer the a high-rolling gambler. The only thing I can think about that has fairy tales and gambling together is that weird island Pinocchio went to, where he gambles and smokes and then turns into a donkey…

So, Doctor Whale… is an ass?