My Thoughts On: Once Upon a Time S02E06 “Tallahassee”

SPOILER ALERT! If you have seen episode 6 season 2 of Once Upon a Time, then you might not want to read this!

I don’t know, for an episode that was supposed to be some big revelation, I found this episode to be kind of “blah”.

So, anyway…

a wanted poster for Neal Cassid (play by Michael Raymond-James)
Yeehaw! It’s 1870!

Michael Raymond-James’ character, who we met way back in episode 1 of season 2, is a guy named “Neal Cassidy”. He was Emma’s boyfriend and he is probably Henry’s dad. Then again, we never saw a paternity test, so whoever fathered Henry is still up for grabs. My bet is on Henry having been conceived by THE FORCE and something something midi-chlorians.

A more important question, I think, is why does August Booth have Marsellus Wallace’s soul?

Neal Cassidy (played by Michael Raymond-James) and August Booth (played by Eion Bailey) looking into august's box

There was also some jazz in this episode about stealing a magical golden compass from the last big friendly giant in the world. Hey, a golden compass? Who owns the movie rights to the His Dark Materials movie series, now that New Line Cinema has gone belly up? If I recall correctly, there was travel between universes in His Dark Materials, just like in Once Upon a Time. They could totally do a crossover! I doubt ABC would want to anger the Catholic church though…

And, apparently, Captain Hook is in love with Emma, or something. LOVE TRIANGLE! DRAMA BOMB!

Also, Neal gave August a bunch of money to give to Emma, but August spent it all on hookers.

I think they need to make Mulan a little less angry all the time.