7 Days ‘Til “Once Upon a Time”

I enjoy the ABC show, Once Upon a Time, way more than I should.

Sure, the plot is a little convoluted and it’s a bit of a ripoff of Bill Willingham’s Fables.

The important thing is that it isn’t a cop show, a  medical drama, a reality show or -Zod forbid- a teen vampire show.

Yes, it’s schlock, but at least it’s schlock that’s trying something new.

The concept of fairy tale characters in the real characters in the real world has a lot of potential, but they’re making, in my opinion, some mistakes that will come back to bite them later.

Here are some things that in my opinion, as a know-nothing, z-list, stupid-head internet personality, are wrong with Once Upon a Time:

  1. Thirty Plotline Pileup
    • It seams like almost every character has a great big mystery in their backstory and I doubt, even if the show lasts for seven years, that everyone’s mystery will be solved by the end of the series. We are most likely going to left with a lot of unanswered questions.
    • They’re adding even more characters, all with their own stories, to the show. How are they going to give all these new plotlines their due airtime?
    • Also, because about half of each episode takes place in the past in the fairy tale world, the backstories keep growing and growing and growing.
  2. What Internal Logic?
    • Nobody can go in or out of Storybrooke, except when they can. Foodstuffs, clothing and other products have to get into Storybrooke somehow, and Kathryn somehow applies to a university in Boston and receives a letter, so the mailman can get in and out of Storybrooke?
    • Emma is, apparently, the only person that works at the sheriff’s office and evidence keeps getting sent away to some crime lab, again, assumedly, outside of Storybrooke.
    • There’s no magic inside Storybrooke, except for when the plot needs there to be some. Regina brought some magical trinkets with her to Storybrooke, but she used almost all of them up before the 28 years for the saviour to return were up. Why would she use up all her magic before the prophecy end date? Hubris? This point is pretty much moot, though, because, as of the first season finale, there’s all kinds of magic up in Storybrooke. From now on, if anything that doesn’t make any sense happens, a wizard did it.
  3. WHY?
    • So, Regina’s whole plan was to come to the real world and get revenge on everyone by being a jerk of a mayor? The rest of her life she’d just be a mayor in some backwater town! How is this preferable to having magic powers?

There was more I wanted to complain about, but I’m tired now. Good night.