Rehash: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01E01 “Pilot”


Hey, did you like that movie, The Avengers? Would you like to see something like that, but with different actors that don’t charge as much? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!

a screencap of a little kid looking at some avengers action figures
Yeah, I wish this show was about those guys instead too, kid.

Remember Agent Coulson from recent movies in the Marvel universe? Well, he’s back from the dead and ready to assemble a new sexy, sexy team of crimefighting sexy people. This time they don’t have super powers, though.

This episode was pretty much just about meeting all the members of the team and learning a bit about them. Not a whole lot else happens. They just go on a little mission and we see a bit of their personality and skillset. I understand why this type of episode is necessary, but I don’t really find them that interesting.

“Here’s so-and-so. This is the job they do. Well, on to the next guy”, over and over again. There will be more in depth character development in future episodes. There always is.

We also meet the team’s vehicles and doohickeys. I bet there’s a toyline that ties into this show.

It is said that this team is “level 7”, which is apparently about The Avenger’s security clearance. It’s a plot device that basically means that this show’s universe won’t necessarily overlap that much with the one from the movies. It’s a bit sad, because I bet that means that the characters from this show won’t even get a cameo in the future movies.

Did I miss it, or does the team not have an official name? Are they just “level 7” or “the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”?

For some reason it really bugs me that their headquarters is inside a plane.

I hear that there’s a few significant changes between the pilot and subsequent episodes, so let’s see how that goes. Excelsior!